Celebrating Mzee Adan Ali: A community facilitator

November 28, 2016

Village meetings generally do not have huge attendances. In these meetings, there are those who hold strong views on particular issues. More often than not, there are those who don’t get a chance to be heard. Community conversation meetings provide …

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Thirty households, One goal

September 12, 2016

The villages of Abkul and Guyo Roba in Maikona had a water shortage for years. And they had tried for some time to solve this problem. Five times, in fact. All these attempts were unsuccessful because they had no organized …

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The marginalised community who begun a farm

September 6, 2016

They have lived for decades as marginalised herders. Because of poverty, they have lived on the fringes of society for many years. Nine years ago, a circumcision ceremony brought them all together in one spot. That spot grew into a …

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