FIFA believes that football is more than just a game. To harness football’s huge potential and support existing football-based community projects, FIFA launched the Football for Hope initiative in 2005. The initiative’s main aim is to help improve the lives and prospects of young people around the world.

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Women Win

Women Win is the global leader in girls’ empowerment through sport. They leverage the power of play to help girls build leadership and become better equipped to exercise their rights. They use sports to help girls thrive as they face the most pressing issues of adolescence, including accessing sexual and reproductive health and rights, addressing gender-based violence and achieving economic empowerment.

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streetfootballworld see football as not just a game but rather a great uniting force – a universal language we speak and a common culture we share. Whether at the final of the World Cup or on the streets of a rural town, football has the power to bring people together and instill in them a sense of community and companionship. They use the power of football to drive social change.

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