Breaking The Silence

Also known as Breaking The Silence Using Football, this program has been implemented since the beginning of 2013. With the support of Women Win,we have been able to to reach 13 schools in Marsabit Central. We are helping adolescent girls break the silence on issues that affect them through a network of peers who share information on life skills and create a safe space for girls to learn from each other.

Girls who would ordinarily not be involved in sport activities now find a safe space to play football and learn from their network of peers.

This program uses the award-winning Goal manual which was developed by Women Win and Standard Chartered.

Impact so far:
1040 girls who have broken the silence on issues affecting them through football, 514 parents who have been sensitized on issues affecting girls, 13 schools who have formed a network of peer education schools.

Community Resilience

This program’s objective is to enhance community resilience through capacity building, enhanced preparedness and also reducing their vulnerability to disasters in Marsabit. The program has been supported byCordaid since 2010.

This is being achieved through increased community capacity to access resources and utilising them through community saving schemes, alternative livelihood methods through tailoring course, improved community cohesion and peaceful coexistence through football, and enhanced access to information and knowledge through the documentation and setting up of a resource centre.

Impact so far:
10 vibrant community saving schemes that have saved over KES 3M in three years, 5 green houses distributed to 5 communities, 68 girls taken through a tailoring course, 6 community saving schemes supported with grants, 1 community information resource centre set up.

Shoot To Score

The name says it all. We teach young children to learn to shoot with footballs and not with guns.

Since 2008 and supported by various partners, our flagship program has helped prevent young children from being sucked into ethnic rivalry and conflict and provided safe spaces for learning a culture of non violence through football.

Supported by world football’s governing body, FIFA, we are currently in four zones of Marsabit namely Qilta, Badassa, Karare and Mountain.


Most Vulnerable Children Access Free Primary Education

Our education program has been working since 2013 to ensure the right to free and compulsory primary education is realized by all children in Marsabit by 2017.

We are currently working in 20 primary schools and more than 30 communities. The program is supported by Concern Worldwide.


Community Empowerment

Since 2013, 135 communities have been discussing challenges and designing their own solutions after undergoing attitude change tools. They are on their way to owning all of the challenges that they face as communities.

Nursery schools have been built, children have been re-enrolled into school, roads have been cleared, water tanks have been built and whole communities have been changed.

Our community empowerment program has been funded by Concern Worldwide.