Our Programs

HODI’s mission is to champion justice and development in the Horn of Africa. To achieve this mission, we have three main programs with each geared towards a specific thematic area. Each program has at least one running project.

Breaking the Silence

We use football to break the silence on issues that affect girls and boys and offer them a voice through skills that will help them to progress and beat these challenges. HODI is breaking the silence on FGM, menstruation, gender based violence, conflict, girls rights and HIV/AIDs.

Building Resilient Communities

We are training our communities to be more resilient in the face of harsh economic realities caused by unemployment, lack of basic and further education, early and forced marriages and loss of livestock and crops due to climate change. We mainly work with women to train them on financial literacy and provide the most needy households with food and other essentials.

Educating Girls in Northern Kenya

Girls are often at a disadvantage when it comes to education. This has been caused by a cultural and systemic bias that has existed for generations. We are giving a helping hand to girls in need through provision of basic sanitary items and partial scholarships for high school education.