Impact 2023

ProjectResultsPrimary actors
1 Qusanno Key results
– Capacity of 12 qusanno village group leaders was enhanced to manage groups affairs through training on group dynamics. Group leaders from Qusanno had an opportunity to interact with the social service department to learn more about legal requirements.
–  Qusanno groups have successfully completed filing their annual tax returns for 2022 as required by regulations.
–  Qussano village groups filed quarterly progress reports with the regulator.
–  Total of Ksh 520,200 contributed.
–  Ksh 680,000 has been granted to 3 village groups.

Key activities
–  Monthly meetings, monthly savings, loan repayments and new loans.
–  Updating monthly saving data in the Qusanno app. Monthly savings and loan repayment in branded books for 4 qusanno villages.
–  KRA returns filing for 4 qusanno villages, progress reports with the social service department office and yearly certificate renewal.
– Training of key group leaders.
Total number of direct beneficiaries/ primary actors
Total = 105 Female = 100 Male =5 PWD =0

Total number of indirect beneficiaries/ secondary actors
Total = 630 Female = 600 Male = 30 PWD = 0
2Integrating peacebuilding, development and humanitarian efforts across the Kenya Ethiopia cross border.Key results

–  121 youth have been equipped with knowledge on social inclusion, conflict resolution, safeguarding and leadership. 14 youth chairs from 13 youth groups have started monthly dialogue and discuss the challenges they are facing.

–  DRR committees in 11 locations have been established and trained as DRR committees on Drought management cycle, early warning and early response and developed 11 action plans. 11 DRR action plans have been developed.

–  5 cross border peace meetings supported with other stakeholders in partnership with both national and county governments.

–  21 community volunteers have been onboarded and trained on HODI policy and procedure, vulnerability and risk assessment,DRR committee training, youth training, report writing, baseline survey for households
Total number of direct beneficiaries/ primary actors Total = 1,874 Female = 693 Male = 1051 PWD = 39 Total number of indirect beneficiaries/ secondary actors Total = 11,244 Female = 4,158 Male = 6,300 PWD = 234
and being the link between the organization and the communities. –  Supported the drafting of the Marsabit County peacebuilding and conflict resolution bill.

Key activities

–  Establishment of DRR committees (132 members) in 11 location of Moyale and Sololo subcounty.

–  Youth mapping and training conducted for 4 locations with 121 representatives of 53 youth groups and 13 youth champions.

–  11 locations have been trained on vulnerability and risk assessment and have developed 11 action plans.

–  11 local peace committees (165 members) from 2 sub counties have been established through IPDHE2022/24.
3Mala Marii: Empowering the communities of Butiye and Sololo wards to become resilient in a changing environment. Key results

–  8 HODI(5F and 2M) Staff Increased capacity to present Malamarii project to stakeholders,duty bearers,and community members and community leaders and planned well for implementation of project activities.

–  40 community members from two villages of Malamarii;Butiye and Teso,
Total number of direct beneficiaries/ primary actors)
Total = 356 Female = 142 Male = 214 PWD = 5
Mala Marii have been equipped with knowledge on CMDRR approach and developed 2 community action plans to reduce vulnerability in 2 communities.

–  10 community facilitators have been identified,selected and equipped with knowledge on CMDRR approach and dialogue session facilitation skills to Facilitate monthly dialogue sessions for 3 villages.

Key activities

–  Project inception activities: Start up workshop attended by 8 HODI(5F and 2M). Stakeholders, Duty bearers and community members events.Attended by 19 (7F and 12M). Community entry meetings attended by 188; 71F and 117M.

–  Identify, develop and distribute materials tackling community successes and resilience in tackling climate change related issues;Training of community facilitators On CMDRR approaches attended by 10M and 6F.

–  Facilitation of CMDRR approach for 2 villages of MalaMarii village attended by 40 community members;24M and 16F

–  Monthly dialogue meetings for 3 villages 75=35F,41M.

–  Quarterly review meeting.
Total number of indirect beneficiaries/ primary actors) Total = 2,136 Female = 852 Male = 1,284 PWD = 30
4Shoot to score. Key results

–  20 balls and 80 cones were distributed to 4 schools where 800 participants participated and also as a result, football hours and league matches were smoothly implemented.

–  8 new coaches trained on life skills, child safeguarding, organization policies and procedures, league and match preparation, event delivery and as a result, coaches implemented the child safeguarding, enhanced coaching competence and also adherence to policies and procedures.

–  414 girls and boys registered and played in 66 matches in the school league, thereby exercising their rights to play and learn. 8 coaches supported their participation.These have provided a platform where participants from different ethnicities can interact, play and exchange culture, ultimately leading to formation of strong bonds.

–  800 participants played, learnt life skills and had a safe space through the football hour in schools where they learnt life skills on peacebuilding and gender equality and through these the participants were able to embrace gender equality and peaceful coexistence. Key activities
Total number of direct beneficiaries/ primary actors Total = 916 Female = 456 Male = 460 PWD = 10

Total number of indirect beneficiaries/ Secondary actors Total = 500 Female = 150 Male = 350 PWD = 20
–  Training of the coaches: 8 coaches were selected and trained.

–  Marsabit school league: A total of 66 inter school league matches were conducted and 4 schools participated actively.

–  Football hours: life skills and football drills for 800 participants in 4 schools in 2023.

–  Distribution of balls and other equipment.
5Educating Girls in Kenya. (EGK)Key activities

–  625 pads and 468 undergarments were distributed to 280 vulnerable girls in four primary schools and 68 pcs of pads were left with schools for emergencies.

– Delivery of life skills sessions to all 280 girls. They were educated on hygiene and menstruation.

Key results

–  Distribution of essential hygiene products to 280 vulnerable girls enrolled in primary schools. The girls were issued with 30 Boxes of disposable pads and 39 dozen undergarments to support them during their monthly menstrual cycles and reduce the number of girls who are absent from schools due to lack of sanitary hygiene materials.

–  Educated 280 primary school girls on the importance of menstrual hygiene, how to use the essential hygiene products during menstrual flow and being comfortable talking about menstruation.
Total number of direct beneficiaries/ primary actors) Total = 280 Female = 280 Male = 0 PWD = 0

Total number of indirect beneficiaries/ primary actors) Total = 68 Female = 68 Male = 0 PWD = 0

Total direct beneficiaries/ primary actors = 3,531 Total indirect beneficiaries/ secondary actors = 14,578

Total number of people impacted in 2023 = 18,109.