Like many organizations around the world, 2020 has been a very difficult year. We have cancelled or rescheduled activities many times and our priority has always been to ensure the safety of our participants first. Here’s our impact in 2020:

93 women are participating in our Qusanno project, where they saved 639,500 shillings in 2020 and took out small loans to start and support small businesses

96 girls have been provided with sanitary kits to support them while schools are closed. The kits include a reusable pad

17 young women completed a one year course in leadership and life skills. These skills include goal setting and financial literacy

48 women and men have been trained on the short and long term effects of female genital mutilation and are now active advocates in local communities

11 girls have been directly rescued from female genital mutilation through the intervention of our trained community leaders

73 persons were voluntarily tested during one of tournaments that was themed on HIV/AIDS

1100 players participated in our tournaments just before the pandemic, in February 2020

31 communities and 19 schools benefitted from solar-powered radios that allowed them to access public health information and digital learning for students.

81 girls participated in football sessions on the harmful effects of FGM

97% of our participants knew the risks of FGM, as compared to only 7% at the start of our activities

100% of our participants felt safe in our projects, and 73% stated they were highly likely to recommend our sessions to other participants

100% of our participants knew how to keep healthy during their monthly period, as compared to 35% at the start of our sessions with them


We think our approaches are working, and here are a couple of testimonials from our community.

“We are very grateful for learning about the dangers of female genital mutilation in detail, and for the support we have received from HODI and its partners in starting and continuing with business. ”

– Community member, Marsabit

“`We received solar-powered radios that have been of huge help in helping us adapt to and deliver the new Competency Based Curriculum at Loruko Primary School in Marsabit.”

– Rosalia Kame

HODI in the media

Citizen TV episode of Strength of a Woman that was shot in Marsabit and features Imani Nagayo, one of the villages participating in our Qusanno project:

Citizen TV episode of Strength of a Woman that was shot in Marsabit and features our Founder, Fatuma Abdulkadir Adan: