Responding to the drought in Marsabit


Oct 2022


The drought facing the Horn Of Africa has been described as the most severe in decades. Marsabit County in Kenya is among the most affected in the region. With the support of GlobalGiving, we have been able to provide emergency assistance to 805 households so far.

One time cash transfers for 85 families

85 families from 21 villages received a one time 7,500 shillings ($65) cash transfer via the MPESA mobile money transfer system. The cash was sent directly to the phone numbers of these beneficiaries who could then use it according to their most pressing needs.

Some of these beneficiaries told us that they had gone seven nights without cooking anything in their household due to a lack of foodstuff. A widow told us that for four days, her children had gone without food. When she went to ask for support, she was given a plate of food to eat. Instead of eating all of it by herself, she put it into a packing bag so that she could take it back to her children.

Water trucking for 8 villages

8 villages, with a population of about 700 households, benefitted from water which was delivered using a 13,000 litre water bowser.

The water was first delivered into communal storage tanks. Water was then collected by every benefiting household using 20 litre jerry cans which are common in northern Kenya. Each household received between 100 and 200 litres of water.

A total of 104,000 litres of water was delivered to 690 households.

Water tanks for 30 families

3000 litre water tanks were chosen because of the cost and the relatively good storage capacity that the tanks provide.

30 households each received a 3000L water tank. Some of these beneficiaries only had 60 litres of water storage capacity, so a tank of this size will boost their storage capacity many times more. A total of 30 tanks were distributed.

4 Responses to “Responding to the drought in Marsabit”

  1. Abdirizak Abdi

    What a commendable job congratulations for saving lives of the affected vulnerable pastrolist community

  2. Halima kahiya

    Congratulations team,this is the time to save lives.

  3. Issa Hassan Kombolla

    Hodi is doing a great job, keep up kudos continue helping our communities who were affected by the long drought. May Allah have mercy on his people. And shower us with his blessing.

  4. Roba Godana

    Good work HODI, service to humanity

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