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Sep 2023


Annual Report 2022

We have just published our annual report for 2022. Please take time to read it here.

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Oct 2022


Responding to the drought in Marsabit

The drought facing the Horn Of Africa has been described as the most severe in decades. Marsabit County in Kenya is among the most affected in the region. With the support of GlobalGiving, we have been able to provide emergency assistance to 805 households so far. One time cash transfers for 85 families 85 families...

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Sep 2016


30 households with 1 goal

The villages of Abkul and Guyo Roba in Maikona had a water shortage for years. And they had tried for some time to solve this problem. Five times, in fact. All these attempts were unsuccessful because they had no organized platform to meet and discuss this issue in detail. In June 2015, HODI re-established the...

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