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Dec 2020


A new football field and playing to end FGM

In 2018, we completed work on a new football field at Gar Qarsa Primary School which was funded by GIZ. The new pitch is a sand and gravel pitch that can be used throughout the year regardless of weather.

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Jan 2020



Rufo is a member of the Madaraka Women Group. In 2012, she separated from her husband and moved with her kids. Life became tough due to a lack of regular income and she started looking for casual labour work to sustain her needs. This is how she managed to support herself and her children for the...

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Sep 2016


30 households with 1 goal

The villages of Abkul and Guyo Roba in Maikona had a water shortage for years. And they had tried for some time to solve this problem. Five times, in fact. All these attempts were unsuccessful because they had no organized platform to meet and discuss this issue in detail. In June 2015, HODI re-established the...

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