HODI Girls Championship!

The HODI Girls Championship is set to take off on the weekend of Saturday 14th - Sunday 15th January 2012. It will be for the first time ever the girls from different tribes and different villages will come to participate in the girls only event. The event will be bringing Read more...

Upcoming Events

What: HODI Junior Teams Registration
This involves the registration of the junior under 10/12/14/16 teams. At the end of January all the registered teams will qualify to participate in  Readmore...
When: Dec 15th 2011  - January 31st 2012
Where: Marsabit in all HODI Zones

Case Story

It is a life changing experience for the women in the community to have a voice and for them to be in charge of their own affairs. For many like Rose Lengaisuk life has not been the same since attending Readmore

Give Now

The Horn of Africa development Initiative (HODI) started in 2003 as a Community Based Organization (CBO), then, mainly acting as a legal aid desk but got registered in July 2007 as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). The decision to initiate HODI was motivated by the personal commitment amongst the founders to effectively address the growing severity and frequency of conflicts and general human rights violations in Northern Kenya that is aggravated by the limited possibilities for legal aid services. HODI was then concerned with amongst others provision of civic education, advocacy/ support for human rights as well as facilitation of alternative livelihood opportunities for poor/ vulnerable community members in Northern Kenya.

The organization aims to create and facilitate a network of stakeholders to participate in promoting, advocating and protecting human rights, and to foster development, social justice thereby enhancing human security in the Northern Kenya. The organization mainly works with poor marginalized women, youths, destitute, street children and other poor community members with cases but who cannot access the services of a lawyer.